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DPD Admin’s Statement on the Phandom Headcanon on Danny’s Ghost Language

Administrator’s Statement on the Phandom Headcanon on Danny’s Ghost Language
20 March 2013

Hello, Phandom! I’ve been seeing lots of posts recently about the scene where we see Danny’s test papers written using an unknown language. I’ve also seen some posts that contain the Danny Phantom theme song written in that language. I have no particular idea of why the creators of Danny Phantom used it instead of normal language, such as English.

This brings all us, members of the Danny Phantom fandom, to a new headcanon that concerns about the language of Danny. All of us know, that ghosts do not have vocal chords. Neither do they have knowledge of any dialect. So, ghosts make use of some kind of energy to communicate with us, and they can be translated by the use of modern ghost hunting equipment.

There are some possibilities of how this headcanon came up:

1. The energy transmitted by the ghosts is not pure and is inaccurate, therefore jumbled letters and/or words may be received by the listener. Just like how the Ghost Gabber interpreted Danny’s “BOO” as “I am a Ghost”.

2. The creators of Danny Phantom came up with Danny’s own ghost language so that viewers would be able to see that Danny can communicate efficiently with other characters, without the use of energy and translators.

3. Just like the LOREM IPSUM, the creators of Danny Phantom made use of different combination of letters and words to fill in a particular part of that paper.

All of these are opinions, members of the Phandom. I’ve been intrigued by this new headcanon that suddenly came out a few days ago. I hope we would all understand the reason behind this “still-unanswered-question” about our favorite cartoon character, Danny Phantom.

Thank you!

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