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Hi, I'm a new general Danny Phantom blog and I'd like to be in the directory. I'm rebloging general Danny Phantom or Danny Phantom related things and sometime in the very near future I'm hoping to write some one shots and maybe some full length fanfics or some blurbs or something(:

Okay, I will add you as soon as I get back home to Sydney :)

Redesigning The DP Directory once again

Okay, we will be redesigning the Danny Phantom Directory once again. First, we will roll out a new category system for all blogs. From now on, all blogs will be classified with the following types: GENERAL, HUMOR, PHANART, PHANFIC, REPOSTS, INFORMATION, NEWS/UPDATES, COMMUNITIES, SCREENSHOTS (includes GIFs).

Second, we will be eliminating the Character blogs and the Shipping blogs category. Since most character blogs are roleplay blogs, we will be classifying them as “Roleplay” blogs. Some of them, however, are not purely roleplay, so we will be checking them out, and we will brand them as “General” or other category that fits them. And since the blogs in the shipping category are no longer active, I might as well totally remove it.

It’s been a long time since this directory was updated. So let’s keep the directory alive once more.

Directory Update

New blog:

- lordfruitloop (Roleplay)

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